Times I want to be a leader myself

April 30 2002. I was fixing my room today because I need to free up some space for my new PC. Now, I am convinced that I’m allergic to dust. My whole face is swelling with tiny itchy lumps. These darn itch better go away tomorrow, it’s bothering me a lot.

Last night I was watching The Correspondents at ABS-CBN. It was a documentary revealing the obvious and extremely horrible corruption in the Philippine government. According to the documentary, come to think of it, the Philippines is capable of elevating its state from a third-world country. We do have the money. But 40% of the money of the government is wasted on corruption and inneficiency. The administration openly admits that. It’s the government culture here. Tens of billions of dollars either go to government officials’ pockets; to monstrous projects which aren’t finished and if it does, fails; and the ridiculous trait of many local governments of spending money on things that can be bought with less. Imagine that!

It’s very frustrating. The Philippines does not need to be a third-world country. We don’t need to stay “developing” forever. We do not need to let many of our people die of starvation or live in the worst of all poverty! It’d take a miracle to fix up this corrupt system. It’s very frustrating and down-heartening. We continue to pay for the debts that were accquired due to the ridiculous projects of Marcos and Ramos and many other government officials not only in the national government but in the local ones. We continue to pay millions of dollars for the rotting Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. We continue to pay the debts the government acquired decades ago!

Ok stop. I don’t know why it’s bothering me too much. I couldn’t sleep until 2 AM just thinking about this thing.

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