Kinetic fair

I’ve been sleeping early these past few days in hopes of waking up early to be better in mood to do my chores. Out of the three nights I slept early, I succeeded at waking up at 2 in the morning two times. So, I should practice more.

Anyway, today was our alternative class day in school when we could choose our classes for the day among hundreds of available ones. It’s for two periods only though. I chose to go to Basic Acting class for first period and Graphics and Webdesign for second period. But I stayed in school till six in the afternoon because I had to practice playing my violin with a band in section N who invited me to play with them the song Tattooed on my Mind at our school fair.

Speaking of which, I’m inviting all those who can to go to our high school fair starting tomorrow afternoon till the end of Saturday! It’ll be fun! Tell me if you want to go.

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