Tulong Dunong exposure trip

We had our TD (Tulong Dunong) Tutoring exposure trip yesterday. TD will be our fourth-year Socio-Eco-Ethics course. We’re supposed to tutor some public school kids every week for the course of the entire year. So there, we tried it out today.

We rode hired jeepneys to some public elementary school in Marikina. My classmates ticked me off a little. For most of them, it was one of if not the first time they would ride a jeepney. And most of my classmates were all ecstatic and hyper. It kind of pathetic, but I’d probably react the same way if it was the first time I’d be riding a jeepney, so don’t get me wrong. What I really found really irritating was that my classmates, being as hyper as they were, were jeering rude insults at the people in the sidewalks. Being so ecstatic in a jeepney doesn’t give you the excuse to be rude at ordinary people in the streets. And to think we were all on our school uniforms! Shame!

We tutored our own set of kids for one period. I really enjoyed it. It makes me seriously think of my faint liking to enter the teaching profession. I seriously enjoyed teaching the kids.

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