Union morality report

Last Friday, my Religion group and I spent most of the afternoon going to some parts of Quezon City to accomplish our investigative report on the morality of homosexual marriage. First, we went to the University of the Philippines to interview the homosexual-activist group Babaylan. Before we went to Palma Hall and searched for the group’s shack, we passed by the university parish and tried to seek to interview their famous running parish priest. But we weren’t able to get an interview so we went to Palma Hall. Soon enough, we found a pink shack garlanded with flowery curtains. It was intimidating. They really were…gay. Effeminate men. Maybe it’s just the little homophobic side in me.

So anyway, we went on with the interview. And they were very cooperative and sharing. After going to the state university, we headed to Quezon City Hall and interviewed some random people in the streets. Over-all our investigation day was very satisfying and I had high hopes on how really good our report will turn out to be.

Before heading home, I went back to school and attended the Days with the Lord Batch 191 as a part-time staff.

Anyway, come Sunday, I went to Francis’s place where we edited our video report. Unlucky the day was, the computer which Francis used for editing videos was malfunctioning big time. We had a very unproductive time but even though, we did accomplish some things including my voice-overs. I left his house at 8 in high hopes of presenting our report the next day. Come today Francis didn’t arrive in school! My group and I were frantic as to what to do with our report on Religion period. By some unlucky string of events, my cellphone got confiscated by a former teacher, and my ID was lost. Anyway at least by some miracle, we survived our presentation with some diskarte. And with only that, I am very thankful.

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