Battlefield and Rings

Hey guys. My newly-repaired 19-inch monitor will be coming today so some technicians took back the monitor I’ve been using for the past months last Wednesday so I wasn’t able to write anything here.

Anyway, a chronicle again. Last Wednesday was the last day of the school-year! And see, we coincidentally had to sponsor the last regular school-day morning mass. After our last periodical exams, I went with Toff and Cinco to a hospital along Aurora Boulevard to visit our Religion teacher who had a miscarriage.

When we got there, we found out that she was taken home already so we went to her house a couple of streets away. I’m really sorry for our teacher. She’s in her late thirties. She doesn’t have any child yet and I remember how proud, thankful and excited she was when she found out she was going to have a baby. And one of our lessons these past few months in morality was about abortion and the value of life and stuff. She kept crying. I wish her the best. My mom went through a miscarriage too on her third child (sayang, could’ve had a younger sister). But a miscarriage on your first child on your late thirties? I hope our teacher gets through with this gracefully.

After that, the three of us went to Galleria and met Pendix, Don, Erik, Jake, Rene, Jona and Paolo at KFC. Pendix treated us. Then, we went to Netopia and played Battlefield 1942 for about two hours. I excused myself once to move my bowel but then I forgot to buy tissue paper before going the cubicle so I couldn’t leave the cubicle for almost half an hour until one of my classmates came and rescued me. Haha. Then we had went to photo shop and had a group studio pic. Then I stayed with Toff and Cinco at a shop while they were buying some clothes. Didn’t have enough money.

My classmates wanted to watch Ring 2. I suggested we watch Final Destination 2 instead but nobody else wanted to watch it so I was forced to watch Ring 2 again.

After that, my classmates spent some time in Neutral Grounds obsessing over Magic cards again. Then we ate, then I got picked up at about 8 in the evening.

The next day, Thursday, I went to school to return our books. I just commuted from home to school, my first time actually. I only know how to commute from school to home. Tiring. Before heading to the high school, I played Battlefield 1942 at Blue Skies with Mon, Jona, Ira, and Pendix.

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