Champion ang init

Four more school days (plus the weekend). Then, that’s it. Sigh. I hope my dad buys me the bike I’ve long wanted. He doesn’t want to buy me a bike because my other one got lost when we were on vacation. Like, that was out of my control! How could I prevent my bike from being stolen inside our house if I wasn’t in Manila in the first place? I told my dad that I promise to take care of my new bike. I just want and need one.

Highly improbable, but I’m hoping against odds that the school administration install air conditioners in all the classrooms. Damn it, the heat is severe! Temperature in the classroom can go up to 35 degrees Celsius. Can you study in THAT heat?! And to think we are 43 in a not-so-big classroom. Yah, we have lots of trees in the high school and we are on top of a meadow and stuff, yah right. It’s still hot.

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