Chronicles of March 25 and 26

Anyway, last Tuesday, I wasted money and some time. I went to a place near school and enrolled myself at a college entrance review program. After that, it was confusion. I was told by my editor-in-chief to get to school then when I got there I was told to come back tomorrow then when I got home, I was told to rush back to school then when I was near school I was told to come back tomorrow. Nobody’s fault though. It was just really like that. And to think I took cabs for those because they said I needed to hurry. Anyway, that’s done and over.

So as told, I went early to school only to find out that we won’t be abe to do our work (which was to distribute the school magazine to the seniors who were having graduation practice) until two and a half hours later. So in the meantime, Toff and I talked away those hours. After finally getting to distribute the magazine, I hitched a ride with Toff to Glorietta. My classmates weren’t there yet and Toff had to go back home so for about two hours, I walked aimlessly all around the mall. It was so tiring.

When Toff got back and everybody else we all ate then we watched Just Married. Hahah. Dumb movie. Then my mom ordered me to get back home in thirty minutes’ time so instead of taking the MRT, I just hailed at taxi and that cost me more than a hundred pesos! What a waste of money. But then… I was in a hurry. I sympathize with the workers in Shoemart who are on strike right now. It was interesting to watch the protest at SM near Glorietta. There were the pro-Henry Sy employees while right beside them were the workers on strike screaming with their barkers. I went to my mom’s office this afternoon and swam in their office’s pool for two hours.

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