Me? Smoking?

See yesterday, our house-help was cooking shrimps. And she overcooked it so the shrimps’ shells got burned or something like that (I know, because I ate those shrimps). So it smelled like something was burning at home. Then my brother comes home from school and smells that. He asked me what it was and I didn’t answer him. That left him making up crazy stuff in his head as to what that smell was.

This morning, my parents woke me up from sleep (which they don’t do when it’s summer vacation). I immediately felt the tension… Victor, were you here yesterday? …Why did it smell like somebody was smoking yesterday? …Who was smoking? …Did you smoke? What the hell. Of all the things you’d suspect me doing, it’s smoking. Mornings are usually the time of the day when I feel best. Not today. My mood just got ruined. Again. Look at me! Do I look like I smoke? Or someone who’d try doing it? Do my friends in class look like people who’d influence me to smoke?

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