Chronicle April 08 and 09

April 08, 2003. I had my first day of my Mandarin lessons last Tuesday. It was okay. Our teacher is a Chinese foreign student studying at the University of the Philippines. You know how most Chinese speak English. Yah, it’s kind of hard to understand but you get the hang of it soon enough. We studied Pin Yin consonants and vowels. Our teacher said we were really good since we could pronounce the Chinese syllables well.

Anyway, after my Mandarin lessons, I just hung out at Macky’s house again till my dad picked me up at about 8 in the evening. IC, and Skip were there. Went swimming again late that afternoon.

April 09, 2003. I took a cab to Katipunan where I met Jake, Rychus, Rene, Erik and Jona. We ate lunch at McDonald’s then we went to Jakes house in Paranaque. Loafed at Jake’s room at their new deserted house. Well, actually, I couldn’t stand the boredom since everybody was playing Magic cards and I didn’t know how to play so I just swam at the pool. I’ve been swimming all week.

Raf, Toff, and Kim came later on. That night after eating dinner, we went to the basketball court in the subdivision and loafed around again while Jake and Kim was having basketball practice with his league teammates.

We didn’t get to sleep till half past 3 AM. Raf, Erik, Jona and I occupied another room and talked for hours. You see the house was still unfinished so nobody was there except all of us so we were free to choose which room to stay in. And great, there was aircon! Sigh, I wish I had aircon in my room.

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