Church for the poor?

We go to mass at the parish in UP Diliman. I was wondering why the famous running priest, Fr. Robert Reyes wasn’t saying mass there anymore so I caught news of what happened at yesterday’s Sunday Inquirer magazine. Apparently, he was transferred from the more prestigious parish to a more congested one, and there are a lot of speculations. Anyway, one thing I wanted to bring up here.

He traces what he sees as unequal treatment to materialism. “Some priests become friends with very rich families in prominent parishes. In fact, that is what keeps the church from being critical of tycoon Lucio Tan, Danding Cojuangco, and even (President) Gloria (Macapagal-Arroyo). It’s because of the secret liaisons that the church has with rich people. I just want to remind the church not to make statements about being a church of the poor when in fact so many of us really belong to the church of the rich.”

It depresses me, and makes me a little ticked off. I mean, look at any formal portrait of our Manila archbishop and see that big bejeweled necklace-cross he’s wearing, and all those jewelry in his hands. He lives in a luxurious mansion. He mingles with the politicians and other elite socialites sucking up to him. How hypocritical can he get? Reminds me too much of the Spanish friars in Jose Rizal’s novels. Click here for full article.

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