In a context, I wasn’t

There’s a little misunderstanding here. I didn’t go last night because I felt pressured to fit in to a popular type of crowd like those people in there. It really isn’t my scene, and I know that. The only reason I went there was to see my classmates’ band perform. Their band’s Sausage Party.

You see since we created our channel in IRC, I’ve been talking to Macky a lot (drummer of the band) and since they’re the clique in class who apparently has been branded with the bad boys reputation, a lot of the other members of the class class avoided them a couple of times over and over again and had major prejudices against them since first year. So there, chatted from 2 AM (the time I woke up) till 6 AM. So you could imagine how personal our conversations went. So in that sense, I got to know them better. And after all these years of prejudices against their barkada I wanted to somehow show that I appreciate them. That’s why I went. Not because I was trying to fit hexagons in square holes.

I was able to drag Erik and Jake to go too. Anyway, so as expected, earlier last night while Erik and I were waiting for Jake in front of K.A.F.E., we talked about how intimidated we were by the crowd. Dude, this isn’t our crowd, we keep telling each other. Lots of people smoking and drinking.

Ok, so there. We met up with our classmates. And they thanked us three for coming, since you know… they do know a lot of people in class avoid them for their reputation. I didn’t really enjoy the music. My classmates’ band was great though. It just takes appreciation for that kind of music to appreciate them better. The three of us looked like a bunch of morons watching the bands since we were the only ones not screaming and jumping in the audience. You get me?

I already left after they played. I was home by half past 8 in the evening. I didn’t take a sip of alcohol or a breath of smoke. And they didn’t force. I was only there because of them. You can probably guess. The first thing my mom asked me when I got into the car was why I smelled like cigarettes.

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