I was at the barbershop this afternoon. There were these two pairs of brothers. One pair was having their hair cut while the other pair had theirs already and were just waiting for their dad. And there were arguing. Toddler-ish quarrels. Young brothers. When I have kids, I really want to have two sons like them. Just like my brother and I. A pair of young toddler brothers quarreling with each other is the cutest thing. Haha.

No I’m not. Yes you are, kuya. No I’m not. Yes you are, kuya… I feel all mushy when I come to think about it. I am kuya to my younger brother. Grr, a few minutes from now, I’ll find myself quarreling with him again. The worst quarrel we had involved knives in our hands, we were wrestling each other with those knives. I conceded after a thirty-minute brawl. I couldn’t stand how mean I was.

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