You’re 14!

It was totally out of my mind yesterday when I was talking about my brother and I, that today is his birthday.

Anyway, report card day today. This morning I was so lazy to go to school because I was too lazy to commute, but my classmates were able to force me. Yay, I passed, and with third-honors, still, thankfully. Pero malaki ang binaba from my prevoius terms’ grades.

I accompanied one of my friends process his financial aid application too. Sigh, I don’t know, I think I’ve been a little insensitive towards him lately. I accompanied him all morning. After that we spent almost the whole day at Blue Skies. I didn’t play though. I just stayed there with my other classmates. So while my classmates were playing the usual LAN games, I was there at a table doing my homework for Mandarin classes tomorrow.

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