The mini mini bus

We had TD [Tulong Dunong] Tutoring today. To save me from further annoyance from some classmates’ bus ride attitudes, I rode the smaller bus of the two that’s assigned to our class–the one where calmer, less rowdy classmates ride. One of my kids was absent but that didn’t make my tutoring easier. I misplaced my pentel pen so it was very difficult to teach multiplication without any visuals except for my lesson sheets. You see, I had to teach them multiplication again (they’re already in grade six) because when I was teaching them PEMDAS last week, I caught some of my kids drawing sticks in their notebooks and then counting and grouping them by multiples. They haven’t memorized their multiplication tables! So there. I didn’t teach English anymore because I used the whole period teaching them multiplication. I hope they understood what I taught.

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