Nobody has to live like this

We did a home-visit of our TD students in Nangka, Marikina. It was fun, fulfilling and sad at the same time. I spent almost four hours walking all around the community of Nangka with my kids. One of my kids’ family lived in a small carboard shanty barely four square meters large. That hit me the most. It makes me very angry. At the politicians who spend millions of pesos of public funds and pork barrel on themselves and on useless projects instead of providing these people with better opportunities to make their lives better. Nobody has to live like that. Cramped up depressed communities along the Tumana River. I felt very ashamed everytime they’d ask what school I go to. I’d use all the possible euphemisms for “exclusive all-boys school where many children of affluent and political families study” to tell the parents when they ask.

At the same time, it was fun. I mean, spending about four hours of my afternoon with my kids just roaming around Nangka. Fun. At one of my kids’ home, they all danced the Sexbomb Girls’ Spaghetti Song for me. One of them has a crush on my classmate. It broke my heart when she asked if he was rich. It broke my heart to tell her, yes, we are all rich. I didn’t want to create any gap between us. In a country where class differences create huge gaps in society.

After the home-visits, some of my classmates and I went to Cortez’s house where he treated us to dinner for his birthday.

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