Now to wait and hope

I talked to my mom about the Japan exchange-student program I tried to apply for this December. I was surprised she was eager at encouraging me to go through with it. I felt very uneasy because if I go through with it, I will miss Christmas here in the Philippines with them. Apparently, if ever… they’ll just follow me there for Christmas day, she said. I don’t know. I’m glad that they will, but it sounds too impractical. Now I’m even more excited. I’m less worried. Now all I have to hope for is that I get accepted into the one-month program. I just got another 3 x 4 white-side wall haircut tonight for tomorrow’s CAT haircut inspection. Agh. I don’t really mind. I’m one of the most authority-obedient students you’ll see around. But I admit I would be really glad if this one rule is scrapped out. I don’t get its sense.

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