On top double pianists

Starting with the worst among the three, definitely the odd movie out, View from the Top. I watched it because I was interested at seeing Gwyneth Paltrow in a comedic role. Although she was still charming, the film disappointed me. It didn’t make me laugh at all (fine, except for that first part when Paltrow panicked on her first airplane flight). I don’t like films that don’t make me feel, think or reflect. It was blah. Bikoy’s rating: 3/10

Double Vision was lent to me because I was asking for something Asian and emotion and/or thought-provoking. The movie didn’t disappoint me. Trying to remember how the movie went right now gives me the creeps, typing up this entry alone in my dark room. It’s very intriguing. Goes beyond scientific crime investigation into mystical and fanatical beliefs in Taoism. Very gory too. It doesn’t get a perfect score for me though. Something’s missing. Bikoy’s rating: 6.5/10

Lastly, The Pianist. Winner of the highest award at Cannes, and three Oscars, I expected a lot from this film. Although in numerous parts, it dragged me to a bore, the film as a whole was fantastic! I thought I was tired of Holocaust documentaries and movies, but no. More than a documentary of the unbelievable horrors of the Holocaust is compelling and gripping true-to-life story of one man who survived one of if not the most horrific periods of human history. Bikoy’s rating: 9/10

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