Paracetamol barely works

The thing I hate about having headaches is not the fact that I get to vomit everything I’ve eaten for the day, it’s the fact that it paralyzes me to a state of inactivity. I had a headache yesterday and I wasn’t able to do all my homeworks.

I woke up a little bit past midnight and typed away. The thing I’ve got to remember though is that I didn’t have any printer at home as of the moment. So I asked my mom to print my English essay at her office and have it sent to me before Recess. That’s why I hate headaches.

Ateneo lost yesterday! About time to burst some overgrown egos!

CAT has been quite fun the past weeks because of the CAT Olympics. We would often spent minutes just sitting on the grassy field as a class under the torrid sun with tens of flying dragonflies and nothing to do. Hehe. We won the push-up and wheelbarrow contests courtesy of Cortez’s amazing muscular skill. Wohoo.

My mom dragged me to bowling tonight. Frustrating. It’s been a while.

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