Peter Pan the Archer

Today was such a fun day for a school day. We only had our first two periods today. After the second period, we were allowed to go to Araneta Coliseum to watch our semifinals basketball game against De La Salle Zobel. Almost all seniors and juniors went to watch. I hitched a ride with Raf to Araneta. Patrick, Pendix, Erik and our dear moderator Mrs. Bernardo (hehe) were with us in the car. Our dear old moderator is really hilarious. Her opinions and rationale may be really weird. But they are hilarious!

Anyway, the La Salle side was empty, I kind of felt sorry for them. Our side was almost full and we were all cheering. Most of my school peers had fun taunting and bashing the Peter Pan look-a-like mascot who reciprocated all that Atenean ego with some taunts himself. It even got out of hand in the end. Some teenage guys are natural assholes. In an ‘acceptable’ way.

In the end, we won. I forgot the score. Half the class had lunch at Wendy’s nearby. Then some parted ways. We in Raf’s party had to take the LRT 2 back to Katipunan. It’s actually my first time and so it was for our dear old moderator. Really hilarious.

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