A cadet does not steal

In one of the food stalls at our cafeteria, they give you these food stubs after you pay, which you show and return to the counter to receive the meal that you ordered. Last Monday, I paid for and received food at a certain food stall, but was not asked for my food stub. If I was myself that time, I would’ve returned it and ignored the personnels’ negligence. But peer pressure did me and I kept the food stub, good for another use. My conscience strangled me for hours so I just gave away the food stub to one of my classmates to relieve me of some of the baggage. Okay, now some people have something bad against me ready to be slung at me at their convenience. In a group of people where personalities are used to pursue arguments, my credibilty has gone down a couple of notches. Today we had one of our most physically strenuous CAT sessions. But it’s not that bad. The training is so much lighter than that of the NCO course (where I lasted more than a month). And it’s so much more fun having the whole batch sympathizing with your exhaustion.

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