Elitist arrogance has its price

Even though among my friends in class, I am the least fanatic about our school and about basketball (hence most cynical), I still caught the game high. We were dismissed at 1 PM from school so we could watch our UAAP juniors finals game one against Adamson at Araneta. (They were selling hundreds of tickets yesterday in school). So we all hitched a ride with Jake. Seated on the front rows of Upper A.

Nice game, on the last thirty seconds, Adamson was leading 77-78. Ateneo was in possession of the ball and then Jai Reyes attempted to make a three-point shot, and did it! We were jumping like mad! Great. No, but for us O-boys the best player of the game was our class president, Mark Encarnacion! 19 points! Highest scorer of the game from Ateneo!

So after that, we decided to stay at Araneta (and therefore devoid those who possess seniors game tickets of seats) and watched the seniors game against FEU. You know what, I could’ve maintained my game high at a high if not for the people around me. To my right were a group of apparently rich fat-bellied alumni betting up to forty thousand pesos before the game, and insulting the FEU crowd as squatters. Behind me were a bunch of arrogant asshole high schoolers who were taunting insults and cusses every minute against FEU calling them jologs (the same way they previously did with Adamson).

You see, there’s something about the Atenean elitist arrogance which tremendously ticks me off. In moderation, it would’ve been okay but no. It’s as if those around me saw themselves as the all-mighty kings of the world, and that world revolves around Ateneo and Ateneans. Anything else is jologs or squatter. Gets into my nerves! Nevertheless, I still cheered even though my classmates were calling me a jinx because the seniors (not we) were losing “because” of my being cynical. The atmosphere in Araneta then was ecstatic. A crowd of loud and wild green and yellow against a sea of blue.

The seniors lost in the end. I felt sad but in a way I felt indifferent. I absolutely enjoyed the faces of those arrogant alumni in humiliation. Haha, forty thousand pesos down the drain! Arrogance really gets back at you. To my classmates, I’m sorry I’m not that fanatical over our school’s seniors basketball team.

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