Locked out again

I was locked out of the house today. After being dropped off by the school shuttle, I found myself hitting the gate for nothing. Nobody was home and I didn’t have a key. So I just sat somewhere in front of our house, and for one hour, I just read a book to kill time while waiting. Waiting didn’t bother me much. I never realized our neighbor plays the violin. I was listening to it the entire time while I was outside. Wonderful!! If that person was a 10 in violin, I would be a 0.1! Beatiful music… I have to know who that person is.

Anyway, after one hour, nobody arrived except for my brother. I was growing extremely impatient. I ordered my brother to climb our two and a half meter gate. But he failed. Mind you, our gate isn’t the steel-grills type of gate. It’s a thick slab of steel painted green. So I tried it out. I was able to do it. But, I got stuck at the top for about ten minutes because I was too scared to jump off from up high. In the end, I had no choice. Congratulate me! I can be a burglar! Anyway, when my brother and I got in the garage, we found out that all the doors were locked as well. But it was better waiting inside the compound than outside in the street. We got in a couple of minutes afterwards. Our house helper came home dressed and with roses. She went on a date!

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