On fanatics

Our juniors team won! Even if the seniors lost, that’s okay. Talagang magaling ang FEU, can’t do anything about it. They deserve it. I didn’t watch the games today in Araneta but if I may say, the Ateneo cheering crowd as a whole, is a very supportive crowd, still there even though the team’s losing (from how I saw it in TV anyway).

Oh, and for that previous entry which garnered another one of those heated arguments with my friends, go read it again (I mean, that entry). I didn’t edit it, it’s as is as you saw it. I was merely describing those who were seated around me in Araneta last Thursday. Not Ateneans as a whole, not Ateneo as an institution. Why take offense in that? I never even insulted you. You guys were the ones who “jokingly” called me a jinx since it was my first time to watch a seniors game. You know very well I’m not a basketball fanatic. I wouldn’t have even went to that game if I wasn’t going to be seated with you guys. Why hold it against me?

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