On our class’ short film entry

I’m kind of sourgraping because my classmates voted on producing a shallow concept saturated with action and comedy for our short film entry in the Palig instead of voting on a profound but moody concept. Face it, our entry is senseless Damoody multiplied by three. Damoody didn’t win because it was intelligent. This is a contest among artistic short films. Don’t tell me your priority wasn’t to have fun and make jokes because it is. You first think of how fun this film is going to be on production with all those action scenes and slapstick comedy, then think of the moral issues and lessons behind it later. But that’s the most important thing. Ano ba naman ‘yon, bigla na lang may fight-scene with aliens dressed in toys na sasabugan natin ng karneng may dugo! And then lalabas si Wil Ismit out of nowhere! What for?! Tapos ‘yung main character ang pangalan Jhomar. What for? Wala lang?? I could concede if there was any intelligent parallelism behind them pero wala! Ano ‘yon, wala lang, pampatawa lang? ‘Yan na naman tayo with our class comedy eh, tayo-tayo lang ang matatawa sa pinaggagawa natin. This film is an expression of all our inside jokes. How can it win? As it is, it’s senseless. I’m not angry, I just need someone to explain to me how this film can mean something worthy of my ten-minutes.

But I still want it to win, by one strange reason or another. On the good side, for once in my four years in the high school, I’m not playing a major role in our Palig entry. I’m just a script-runner.

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