Send me to Japan

I only spent half the day in school. I left during lunch time for Makati Medical Center for a medical examination at 2.

I arrived there at 1:30. I was instructed to go to the laboratory. The instruction for the lab technicians were in a paper I was holding. I didn’t understand anything in it, except for the urinalysis thing. All the others were written in acronyms. When I got my turn, it turned out that all those acronyms had something to do with blood tests. I was scared. I would’ve been more scared had I known that they were supposed to get three test tubes of blood from me. I only found out after I opened my eyes after they did it. Haha! After that, I went to this lab where I had to lie down and have a machine connected to me through all these suction wires. It’s for the heart, they said. After all the tests, I had to wait for about an hour before being interviewed by the doctor.

After that, I was interviewed again by the lady who’s managing all these. I think I just brought down my chances of getting to Japan several notches. I told the lady that my family is relatively well-off. After that, she talked about them having to prioritize sending intelligent students who are most in need and that they might not choose me because they believe my family can afford sending me with fees. No! They can’t, they won’t!

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