Third anniversary

I hate Friendster because I hate feeling like I live in such a small world. I hate being confined to a network of friends and acquaintances confined to a single metropolis, a single age-bracket, a single country, a single mindset. A network confined to those who have access to it (meaning, the internet). I hate this suffocating feeling. I just simply hate feeling like I live in such a very small world, really. Because it never was supposed to be small. Not if you let it be for you. And I’m not about to make my world this small.

I also hate Friendster because of the popularity thing. The next time one of my classmates asks me how many friendster friends I already have, I’m going to delete my account! It disgusts me, the idea of collecting acquaintances for popularity contests. It’s pathetic.

By the way, today, October 20, 2003 marks my third year of online-journal writing. Wohoo, still going strong!!

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