Another TD Day

Today, just as any other usual school Thursday would go, we had TD tutoring session in the afternoon at Nangka, Marikina. This is the first time I brought my digital camera along so let me just jot down the usual monotonies of TD tutoring day. The usual jeepney ride to Nangka from the high school is filled with laughs and songs. Actually, it depends which group of people I ride with. I usually ride with my classmates who have guitars.

Erik, Jona, Patrick Rychus, John Asprer

As usual it took us about half an hour to get from school to Nangka. This is how the school grounds look like.

Nangka Elementary School For English class, I had my kids to present the skit I asked them to prepare with their partners last week.

Made, Jane, Katkat Katkat, Cindy the kids performing their skit Jane and Karen performing their skit

Because most of my kids are very poor in English, their dialogues were extremely hilarious. We always end up curling in laughter. I do try to relieve their deficiency by correcting their grammar and giving them the English equivalents to some Tagalog words.

Kiexel laughing at her own bloopers

After teaching English, I tutor Math to the same set of kids.

Kiezel and Cindy Cindy, Karen, Katkat Madel and Kiezel Madel and Jinky

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