EK Field Trip (Part 1)

It was our field trip at Enchanted Kingdom. The morning was filled with frustrations as we were the only class in our batch whose bus didn’t arrive. We were disbursed among all the other sections’ buses. Not fun. Anyway, the rest of the day was great. I spent most of the time at EK with my Physics groupmates and some other classmates.

Morning. At school parking lot, we were all frustrated that we had to be divided among the other sections’ buses.

frustrated, angry, impatient frustrated, angry, impatient

Jona looking out of the bus

Jona and I were seated at section F’s bus. At first we were extremely uncomfortable. We barely know anybody in section F. But as the minutes passed, we shrugged our insecurities off and slept the entire ride.

the entrance to the theme park

In about an hour and a half, we arrived at Enchanted Kingdom and got briefly reunited with our classmates. After entering the gate, we all separated and went off with our own physics and math groups.

We first went off to ride Roller Skater, a small roller coaster ride. But since it was the first ride we got on after a frustrating morning, most of us were as thrilled as kindergarteners, even though it was nothing compared to most of the rides we rode for the rest of the day.

Cid, Joseph Pendix, Andrew Erik, Don Patrick, John Asprer

Next was Anchor’s Away.

people screaming while riding Anchor's away

Cid screaming Joseph screaming

Then we were off to the gigantic Wheel of Fate.

steel bars making up the wheel

We also pedalled those swans at Swan Lake.

Cid, Joseph, Patrick, Victor Cid, Joseph, Patrick pedalling swans

After roaming around a bit, we met up with Erik and Don and we all decided to have a round at Kart Trak. This is where I burned my right elbow. Stupid engine.

Don, Erik, Cid, Joseph, Rene, Patrick in line

Don, Rene, Erik, Patrick Rene starting his engine

Before heading off for lunch, Patrick and I decided to ride the Space Shuttle after all our other group mates chickened out.

the Space Shuttle

Then it’s lunch time.

Pendix, Jona, Jake, Andrew, Josh, Raf Rychus, John Asprer, Joseph, Victor, Cid, Rene

Joseph, Rychus, Jona, Cid, John Asprer, Rene walking after lunch

Next, we went to the Rialto theater. One of those theaters where the seats move. “7th Portal” was shown. Quite… boring.

Then, Flying Fiesta. Don’t ride Flying Fiesta when you’ve just eaten lunch. Just as you aren’t supposed to ride anything right after eating anything heavy.

Flyinf Fiesta There's Rychus!

After that, we went to experience 4D Theater. The seats don’t move. But in the theater, you get to wear these 3D glasses. And while you’re watching the film, you’ll get to experience some of the feelings of the film as well. A monster hissing its way at you calls for spats of water, and a flock of birds in amok calls for gushes of wind blown at your face. Nice. Cameras weren’t allowed inside though.

4D theater and people lining up for Raging Rapids

To mellow down a bit, we finally decided to ride the Grand Carousel.

Rene trying to take my picture, and Joseph riding his horse

Then, we went off bumping each other at Dodgem.

Joseph, Cid and Rene waiting for our turn Cid proclaiming victory

We didn’t get to ride the Riogrande Rapids because the lines were really really long and there wasn’t any time left. Instead, we just took pictures.

Raf, Andrew, Cid, Joseph, Erik, Kenny, Rene Raf, Erik, Kenny, Cid, Victor, Rene, Joseph

At the bus, after a tiring day.

Mon, Raf, Andrew, Kim, Jona, Cid

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