Identity is a thriller movie which uses the classic who-could-have-done-it murder spree plot among a bunch of stranded strangers. So for the first hour, it’s like that. The ten strangers, stranded by floods at some desert motel in Nevada, gets killed off one by one. Just when you thought you already know who’s behind all these murders, the story melts into its sister subplot, which for a while you thought was just a silly unrelated nuisance. In other words, just when you think you’re smart enough to guess who the real killer is, the film outsmarts you by revealing something else. That’s cheating.

The movie’s fun to watch and to think about long after you’ve seen it, but I hate how it outsmarted me. It’s like being given a set of choices but the answer isn’t among them, in a sense. Clues are littered everywhere in the movie but you wouldn’t make sense of them until the fact is presented in the end. Bikoy’s rating: 7/10

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