Nagging kids

My TD kids were quarreling today. During my activity, I paired up those who were arguing with each other, an attempt to fix them up. But, they got worse. They kept nagging at each other. In the end, I asked them to do some spontaneous acting as an activity for English. I told them to stage a spontaneous dialogue on their quarrel in English. In other words I asked them to fight with each other in English. It was hilarious!! My kids are very poor in English (I try to relieve that aside from tutoring, by handing them out short stories in English every week), so their dialogues were absolutely funny. “I saw you! I saw you at the bathroom! You are destroying my name. My name is not Candy, it is Cindy!” In the end, my idea worked. They got tired of nagging at each other and felt like everything was just an act.

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