Class apathy

This is so frustrating. Our class is not joining four of the five competitions tomorrow for Ani mo, Ani ko. All because the leaders (including me) gave up being very discouraged by the severe lack of support and apathy that is plaguing the class. It sucks. It sucks because there are a lot of talents in our class. What a waste. (I was supposed to head the group that was to compete in the dance competition tomorrow. I have even invited people to join the dance group weeks before the event, I’ve prepared the song and some of the steps already and what, all I got were a handful of hesitant volunteers).

It’s always been like this. Individual talents in class are rarely nourished and appreciated. If someone is good in Math, he’s ridiculed and envied. If someone is good at singing, he’s ridiculed and teased. If someone is good at cooking, he’s ridiculed. If someone is good at something, rarely does the majority in class appreciate it. The result? Absolute waste of talent! I think this is the reason why none of the O-boys has gotten the first-honor award in the eleven terms that has transpired since high school began. Agh!! I’ve resigned to the situation.

Okay, I feel better. It’s better that I release all my frustrations now than be grumpy the entire day tomorrow.

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