Class outing 2: First night

When we arrived at the de Venecias’ estate, of couse we in class were in awe at the size of the mansions. One was an aging bungalow, and the other one is a newly-built mansion, even bigger than their house in Dasmariñas, Makati. It was already dinner time and there was buffet prepared for us.

dinner buffet table Dino, Jess, Skip
Look at the room I, together with some of my classmates, stayed in. It’s even better than a hotel room! Cable TV, airconditioning, and guest towels.

our luxury guest room guest towels
That night, I just spent the whole time in the room. Some of my classmates were playing basketball, and some were already drinking the night off. Later on that night, almost everyone in class started drinking. Even those in class who haven’t even drank a bottle of beer or a shot of vodka or gin ever before, got drunk. I was about to give in to peer pressure when my friends in class started coming back to our room, annoyingly drunk, crying and vomitting their innards out. I wasn’t able to sleep till about 1 AM. I was trying to make some of my classmates sober and all, accompanying them to the bathrooms to vomit. Ah, disgusting.

Patrick and Rene locking the door Victor portrait of Mrs. Gina de Venecia
I was hoping this creepy picture of Mrs. de Venecia will scare the drunk intruders away. Hehe.

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