Class outing 2: Getting there

We spent the whole weekend at Pangasinan courtesy of our classmate, Toff and his parents Mr. and Mrs. de Venecia, who hosted us in their Dagupan estate.

November 28, 2003, Friday. We only had Math exams for school. After taking the test, some of my classmates and I spent time at Raf’s house before returning to school that afternoon to meet with our other classmates before leaving for Pangasinan. There were about thirty of us in class and we all boarded a small 25-seating capacity coaster courtesy of the House of Representatives. It was really crowded, but that was okay.

Beautiful skylight on the way to Pangasinan

road accident on North Expressway road accident on North Expressway

There was an accident along the way. Just took some snapshots.

Pobbes, Cid, Rychus, Andrew, Mon

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