Class outing 2: Lunch at the backwaters

For our last day in Pangasinan, we had lunch at the de Venecias’ fish ponds at the backwaters of Dagupan. To get there, we had to ride bancas through a labyrinth of canals and fishponds. Jose de Venecia and Roberto Pagdanganan in front of TV crew Before going to the lunch place, DAR Secretary Pagdanganan came over at the de Venecias’ estate. He is believed to have plans of running for senator next year (he lost the last time he ran). After eating lunch, some of my classmate toured the backwaters with Toff. I on the other hand, the curious eavesdropper I am, joined the press people at their interview with Mr. and Mrs. de Venecia. Mrs. Gina de Venecia is planning to run for senator next year under the ruling administration party. According to her, her platform is based on the promotion of the welfare of the children and the women of the Philippines.

bancas under the bridge classmates onboard the bancas classmates onboard the bancas fishermen tending fishpen classmates onboard the banca banca passing through canals

classmates on the banca

Rene and Toff classmates eating lunch

Mrs. de Venecia with grastronomically satisfied press people, uhuh

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