Let’s wait for her other Cabinet members

So, Former DTI Sec. Mar Roxas is running for senator, as announced. See? All the long while his “Mr. Palengke” commercial aired was a very obvious indication of his plans. How else can a consumer welfare month last from the beginning of October to the end of November (that’s two months). The central idea of the public service message was not even on the bogus consumer welfare month and was instead on how pogi Secretary Roxas is. He said he opted to resign to prevent any accusations of campaigning using public funds. Goodness, he did just that the whole two months this public service message aired! Sec. Manuel Roxas III graduated from the Ateneo de Manila High School. Just like a lot of our current politicians and government officials.

(My article in the second issue of Hilites Magazine is about Atenean politicians, read it).

On another note, Sec. Joey Lina has announced that he won’t be running for senator anymore as previously planned. Aw, too bad. All those public service messages promoting his crime-busting actions have gone to waste. Poor taxpayers.

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