Need of some anger management

we were sent out during physics class

Just before Physics class at the IR2. Wyson, a classmate, saw their group’s long test score and announced it to the class. A couple of people approached the desk beside my seat, where our Physics teacher left those long tests (Wyson and I seat beside each other), hence created a commotion. Our Physics teacher entered the room and bursted in curses screams. As in, hard curses. He accused us of meddling with his things! He shouted at everyone in the classroom at that time and ordered us to get out (lucky for those who were late — which was half the class).

How irrational! In the first place, a lot of the people he sent out weren’t looking at the test papers and were just unlucky to have entered the classroom early, together with those who really looked at the papers. I looked at the papers too but that was because they were beside my seat! And after all, no one even touched those papers, walang nakialam! As a result, we spent the entire period in our classroom. (At least we had free time). As long as our Physics teacher doesn’t sanction us for this, I’m content with keeping this resentment not do anything about it. I couldn’t care less, as long as I know none of us did anything wrong, or even anything he accused us of doing. He seriously needs to attend some anger management course. I’m upset. I’ve NEVER BEEN sent out of a room my entire life.

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