Damn buyer’s remorse

January 31, 2006. I slept over at the main set of ES’ and Jerwin’s short film in Cubao Friday night. By Saturday morning, we were shooting at Himlayang Pilipino. Went back to Cubao for lunch and continued shooting till 2 AM Sunday. I had a few stolen naps while I wasn’t needed in a scene, so I survived.

Tupe, Joma, AD, Kid and Prech were part of the production team too, so I didn’t feel too out of place. Sagana rin sa pagkain, so that wasn’t a problem. The whole film was shot in 16mm stock. That was really daunting at first because it meant around 7 pesos per second of footage. I was especially apprehensive during the piano scenes, because I really couldn’t play the pieces so I just pretended playing the piano like a pro. Wow, I hope I pulled it off. I slept almost the entire day Sunday.

Last year, I was invited to run for Film representative. I said the idea is fine with me, but then we realized I was ineligible because I was just a freshman. A few days ago, I was asked if I wanted to run this year. Again, the idea is fine with me. It’d be a responsibility, but I think I’m up for it. I said I just needed to learn more about the party I’m supposed to be running under before totally committing myself.

I’ve been having my moments of delinquency these past few weeks. I cram (as if that’s new), I cut classes, I don’t touch my readings. I don’t know. Call this an offshoot of… something I’d rather not tell. I hope I get over this.

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