Random takes

January 25, 2006. I’ve been trying to learn a piano piece as part of my role as a pianist in ES’ and Jerwin’s short film thesis. I’ve had piano lessons back when I was in grade four but I didn’t take them seriously. That was just for a quarter of a school-year. Never continued my lessons since then. And it’s really frustrating that I can’t get the piece right. What’s really pressuring is that the short film will be shot on 35mm film, which I think costs as much 30 pesos per second of footage. No room for take two’s!

I’ve been seeing more young beggars in UP these days. There was a pair of them standing by the entrance of CASAA who asked for my bread stick when I came out of there yesterday afternoon. Then the day before that, Abby and I were eating our own pieces of bread with Chesa while walking from our Math class when a young kid blocked our path and asked for our bread. We tried to ignore the boy and continued walking but he kept blocking our way! Normally, we we would have given the guy our bread but we were really hungry. He even chased us when we ran off! Sort of annoying, really, but… very sad.

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