Supposed to start a better habit

balik mass commJanuary 4, 2006. I never had class on January 2 before. My classes in elementary and high school always started, at the earliest, January 3, never on January 2. That’s just… a day after the first day of the year. It doesn’t feel right to go right back to school on the second day of the year right after your weeks-long Christmas break.

Anyway, I only had Math 2 last Monday and Comm 140 yesterday. We also had our first UP CAST (UP Cinema Arts Society) general assembly for the year. Talked about plans and all. We hope everything would push through.

Hm… I’m still on a Christmas break hangover. I cut my fencing class this morning. But I’m on my way to school anyhow. Film 104 group report on melodrama. (Hm… my entries are becoming monotonous uninteresting semi-daily chronicles once again).

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