Unang buwan

January 8, 2006. (As much as I want to be honest, I can’t. ‘Di talaga p’wede. I have to lie.) That was just a random blurt. I went home right after my last class last Wednesday. That’s a rarity! See, after class last Thursday, I went out with my orgmates for pizza at Yellow Cab. Then on Friday, I went to see Shake Rattle & Roll 2K5 with Deo and Kid. I wasn’t disappointed with Shake Rattle & Roll 2K5. I was expecting something really hilarious and sort of dumb. It was, at most parts. Tumawa ka na lang di ba, kaysa sa mainis lalo na sa unang dalawang episodes.

I borrowed a book (Ghosts of Manila) last Friday from the main library for the sake of leisure reading. I really never got into the habit of leisure reading novels and such. I want to. I try.

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