Budget talk

This may seem rather late, as the budget proposal was given to Congress months ago (though it hasn’t been passed since our legislators seem to be more focused on hastily revising our Constitution). As a prelude to an entry about UP’s third consecutive budget cut, here’s a broad take on how our beloved president plans to use taxpayers’ money for 2006.

So this means, out of every ten pesos we pay for taxes, almost seven pesos will go to debt servicing and only less than two pesos will be spent on basic social services. That’s still excluding all the losses from corruption. Now, many complain about our legislators’ pork barrels amounting to millions for each one of them. But Arroyo has an even bigger share. 25 BILLION PESOS. And it can all be spent on her discretion. Ang sarap maging presidente!

So, how much will actually be spent on things that matter to ordinary Filipinos?

So what’s my point? The nerve of our government to raise taxes! The percent share of the education budget and budget for other social services continue to get smaller compared to rising debt servicing payments and military modernization programs. Well, it has been a rhetoric by those who are fighting for greater state subsidies for social services like education and health care: There is money. Our President just has some skewed priorities, so much of it will be spent on things other than social services. This is how GMA really cares.

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