Diliman Republic II

February 28, 2006. After the University Council released their final statement regarding Gloria Arroyo’s “State of National Emergency”, professors and students staged a walk-out at 4PM and held a press conference at Quezon Hall. Various cultural organizations also staged performances right after the conference. Everyone was clapping and chanting. It felt good somewhat, that despite an apparent persistence of apathy and indifference among young people, there are still people willing to pursue the struggle.

UP Press COnference, Quezon Hall, UP Diliman

Here’s the official statement of the University Council. Refer to this PCIJ entry for more information about the University Council.

Defend our civil liberties and fight for freedom! Oppose Proclamation No. 1017!


A university in a democracy draws its life from an environment of political freedom. None of its basic functions–the quest for truth, the encouragement of critical inquiry, the stimulation of the imagination–is possible in a climate of repression.


The University of the Philippines (UP) as the national university is the vanguard in upholding civil liberties and fighting for freedom. We affirm UP’s commitment to the fundamental constitutional and human rights of the people.


UPD remains an open space for public debate consistent with its treasured value of academic freedom; UPD is a refuge for those who are subjected to physical arrests and other forms of harassment; UPD challenges every move to clamp down on any of our basic freedoms; UPD reiterates its call for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to resign; and UPD supports a peaceful transition in political leadership.

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