Listen to all the displeasure

February 25, 2006. It’s really annoying how Michael Defensor and Raul Gonzalez proclaim that all these arrests and calibrated responses are part of their defense of the state. They claim the nation is at threat kaya may national emergency. Wow, the way I see it, only Gloria Arroyo’s leadership is at threat. They shouldn’t claim the entire country is at risk just because Arroyo’s presidency is in danger from people who are tired of her leadership. What’s really sad, is that the military has become her army, ready to protect her in guise of their protecting the “state”. Weren’t these the same reasons Ferdinand Marcos used for declaring Martial Law?

It’s inspiring when old women come up to you while marching in a rally and tell you, “Tuloy lang kayo mga anak, ipagdarasal namin kayo.” Or when people from their houses and apartment buildings clap and cheer you on. Or when people in their vehicles open their car windows and raise their fist in support. Or when military men secretly come up to you and whisper, “‘Wag kayong susuko, malapit na rin kaming bumigay,” (although that didn’t happen). Or when you are showered with confetti made from torn-up telephone directories. It’s inspiring especially when sometimes you hear people within your social circle putting you down and the things you do with their total aversion of mass actions. Nevermind that it was a long three hour long march under the torrid heat of the sun. Or that we had to dodge and run from police barricades. I don’t think it was all for nothing. It was a step in the right direction. Tolerance simply allows for more plundering and cheating. Sure let us go on with our daily lives. But that should not mean that we will just bow down and surrender to the prevailing status quo, especially if we know there is something wrong.

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