Second month

February 8, 2006. THANK YOU, SQUEALER. Yesterday, while on a UP-Katipunan jeep on my way to MassComm, a lady broke the silence. “Ma’! ‘Wag mo ngang kalikutin ‘yang bag niya!” she blurted, referring to a guy who’s sitting beside a Korean-looking lady in front of her. The other passengers just… watched for a minute the sudden commotion. Cool, eskandalo, exciting, I thought!

The guy got startled and muttered, “Anong pinagsasabi nito?” all while avoiding eye contact with the lady. “Magnanakaw ka! Dinukutan mo ‘ko dati!” The guy nervously retorted, “Ano’ng pinagsasabi mo d’yan. Wala akong alam d’yan…” “Anong wala! Mandurukot ka!”

At that point, the guy tapped on the jeepney’s ceiling to signal the driver to stop. The jeepney didn’t stop though. He just walked off the aisle and jumped off the jeepney while it was moving.

SANGANGDAAN, LITERALLY. Last night, there was a second shoot for ES’ and Jerwin’s short film thesis. It involved me, driving. I haven’t driven a vehicle in months. It was supposed to be a car accident scene. Of course, we didn’t have to really crash the cars. That would’ve been ridiculous.

18TH BIRTHDAY. I had an fairly uneventful but all right birthday. I’m happy, I guess. I don’t know if I should write about it. I’ll just keep it to myself for now. Anyway, I appreciate birthday greetings, really. Thank you to all!

ELECTIONS. Attended the STAND-UP primaries last Thursday. I was introduced as a nominee for film representative. At first I was sort of intimidated. But I got along nonetheless, I guess. On Friday, I was briefed about the party and the platform and the history and all that. Beforehand, I was having apprehensions about running under STAND-UP plus I was also being invited to run as independent among other independent candidates. I was really having second thoughts. But I realized, I’m in the right place.

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