Banaue and Sagada (Part 3)

After the trip to the Ifugao village near the Banaue Hotel, we proceeded to another “ethnic” village, the Banaue Ethnic Village, which is actually a fantasy theme park complete with Ifugao houses and native workers in ethnic costumes going about their ‘daily work’, rather than a genuine Ifugao village.

Mico, Clauds and Chesca

We had lunch at the park. Clauds, Chesca, Mico, Patti, Shean and I had lunch at one of the huts. The food was good. Steaming hot nilagang baka and brown rice. After lunch, we were treated to a cultural show. Men and women in native costumes danced to us the dances of the people of the Cordillera. The show required some audience participation in the end. I wanted to give it a try but then again, I’m always too shy.

some funky looking water plants

We were toured around the park after the show. A guy explained to us the evolution of Ifugao homes. He also explained to us what the people in the ‘ethnic village’ were doing. There was a woman weaving, a man carving something, and another man pounding on some piece of metal. After his talking, he let us explore the park ourselves.

Banaue Ethnic Village

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