Banaue and Sagada (Part 5)

Shean, Clauds, Chesca, Patti, Mico having dinner

Everyone in our room was able to nap for an hour or so after we arrived at the lodge, except for Mico. He woke us up around past 6 in the evening for dinner. Our dinner was fried chicken, soup and some vegetables. Some of us were itching to get hold of the karaoke mic, so after dinner, it was videoke till curfew.

Unfortunately, the curfew was at 10. We went back to our rooms and then tried to go to sleep. It was a struggle to get myself to the bathroom to take a shower before sleeping. The night was cold and unsurprisingly, the water was icy cold too. But I enjoyed it anyway.

Anyway, after shower, I still talked with Patti, Shean, Clauds and Chesca. I forget what we were talking about. The topic eventually shifted to school politics, me running for film representetative under STAND-UP and all that. Eventually, the topic moved to President Gloria Arroyo. Clauds and Chesca have gone to sleep, then Mico came in and started asserting that PP 1017 was justified and all that. We ended up having this small debate until midnight about what to do with Gloria, me being in the position that she has to be ousted by the people, him being in the position of maintaining the status quo. Everyone else in the room was apparently asleep by the time we called it quits.

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