Banaue and Sagada (Part 6)

We were supposed to wake up at five in the morning but we woke up an hour late. We rushed packing our bags, as we were supposed to check out from the lodge before proceeding to Sagada. After having breakfast, we left our bags in one of the lodge’s rooms and then we boarded jeepneys to go to Sagada, Mt. Province.

The weather was better that Sunday. There were less clouds covering the mountains and the payaos (rice terraces). We stopped by one of the many viewpoints along the highway and took pictures of the Banaue rice terraces.

Bikoy and the Banaue Rice Terraces. Jumping photos again

After having enough tourist dose of the payaos, some of us in the jeep decided to ride on the rooftop of our jeepneys on the way to Sagada. It was really cool! A bit scary, with all the zigzags and cliffs but ultimately really cool. By the time we were so high up in the mountains, we were one with the clouds and it was drizzling. But we stayed on and immersed ourselves in the experience. Haha.

On top of the jeepney! Fun!

After less than an hour, the jeepney in front of us broke down. We had to assist them since we were all part of one group, being UP students on tour. After realizing that their jeepney would take hours to repair, the group from the broken jeepney hitched on ours. I decided I had enough of being on top of the jeepney so I went back to my front row passenger seat. There, it was a really long three hour drive on 90% rough road and zigzags. I was able to sleep for a few minutes though.

Majestic view of the mountains covered in cloudy mist

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