Banaue and Sagada (Part 7)

The weather in Mt. Province was good that noon. The sky looked great. After two hours on the road from Banaue, Ifugao, we reached Bontoc, the capital of Mt. Province, also known as “Little Baguio” to some.

The weather was too good to miss so I asked our jeepney driver to stop so I could climb on top of the jeepney again. My other companions followed suit. We stayed there on top for an hour or so all the way till we reached Sagada. God, the view of Cordillera’s tall mountains amidst such a beautiful sky was really majestic. It was such an awesome sight. And the air was so crisp and cool too.

We reached the town of Sagada in Mt. Province after an hour more on the road. The town looked really pretty, like a quaint little town nestled on the mountains. We had lunch for an hour before hitting the road again to go to the caves of Sagada.

Damn. If your tour guides tell you to prepare to get wet and bring clothes to change on, DO SO. Never go caving in Sagada in a pair of white leather Hush Puppies and a collared shirt!

Wow. The caving experience was… surreal. We probably went a kilometer down to the depths of the cave and then climbed up the same height on our way out. It was a terrifying experience to a claustrophobic. But really… an experience, passing through steep and sharp rock formations and whatnot. Our only light sources inside the cave were those gas lamps our cave tour guides were carrying. We were holding onto rough ropes tied on rocks for our lives, well that is if the passage had ropes. The air inside the cave was so crisp and cold, our entire bodies were smoking in our own body vapor! The water inside the cave was ice cold but really refreshing. There were countless cave pools and small fountains we got wet in. Ahh, it’s really difficult to describe in words.

We got out from the cave after more than an hour, almost all of us had a scar or two. We were all soaking wet. It was really stupid of me to be the only one who went to Sagada in a pair of white leather shoes. I didn’t even bring extra clothes to change myself with. My clothes were really wet and dirty so I had to remove them. I had to borrow a companion’s malong to cover my naked body. (well, almost naked, ‘coz I was still wearing my underwear). That was the only thing I was wearing all the way back to Banaue.

It started raining on our way back to Ifugao.

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