Banaue and Sagada (Part 1)

I went with Patti and her Art Studies 1 class to their Banaue & Sagada field trip last weekend. My Art Studies 2 class went to the same place a month ago but I wasn’t able to join them. I really wanted to get to visit Banaue and Sagada so when Patti said her class was going too, I grabbed the opportunity and enlisted myself with the tour.

It also served as sort of a welcome retreat from election season in UP and all the socio-political turmoil back in Manila. It’s nice to feel detached for a while. Although a roommate and I had a friendly but heated debate about the issues Saturday night, but that’s going ahead of the story.

We left UP on a bus past 11 PM of Friday, March 3. We arrived in Banaue at past 8 in the morning the next day. We actually encountered an accident an hour before we reached Banaue. It was at a town before Banaue in Ifugao, we crashed into a tricycle at a curve on the road. There were three women on the tricycle. The last I heard two days ago, two of the women were okay but the other one was still unconscious. The tour operator settled the problem. I don’t know the details, the trip went on as planned anyway although a little delayed.

Halfway Lodge, Banaue, Ifugao

We checked in at Halfway Lodge within Banaue’s downtown district. I roomed with Patti and four of her Art Studies 1 classmates, Shean, an Engineering sophomore and Chesca, Clauds and Mico, Psych freshies. We eventually became a breakfast-lunch-dinner group through the duration of the trip.

After settling down in our rooms, we had breakfast. After which, we went back to our rooms and rested for around an hour before we all went off to start our tour with a visit to an Ifugao village near the Banaue Hotel. That’s for the next entry.

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