Voltes V

Haha. I’m sorry. This would be my last video-linking for today. Voltes V is not a super sentai series, but it was probably even more popular than Bioman. Here’s a little trivia from Wikipedia:

The cancellation of the Voltes V show back in the 1970’s in the Philippines was not because Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator of the Philippines, thought the show had messages of rebellion or that activists might use it as a tool to create a revolution… It was cancelled because the television station that aired Voltes V then was the number one station in the country, surpassing other two government-owned TV stations. To negatively affect the ratings of the station that aired Voltes V, Marcos banned not only the airing of the robot anime, but well as the other top rating television shows including Charlie’s Angels. Marcos stated that the violent contents had a negative effect on children. The Voltes V cartoon series was only able to resume its TV run after the People Power Revolution that eventually toppled Marcos in 1986.

Here’s to a childhood filled with Japanese team heroes and mecha robots!

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